This website provides the space for young people in Palestine to express how their life is on the West Bank. They have shown, through their artwork the struggles they face, the violence they witness and the opportunities they wish for.

Young Palestinians hope for the same things in life just like other young people in our own city of Liverpool and around the world. They wish to do well at school, develop a successful career and to have a family and home of their own. However, the realities, as they show us through their drawings, is that they live with frustration and fear, restriction and resistance.

We hope that the website has been of interest to you. We are seeking to provide a space where the voices and perspectives of young people in Palestine can be shared and heard. We encourage people to gain further information and to continue to learn about the situation for young people in Palestine.

We have provided a space here for you to share your messages of solidarity and support for the young people – what would you like to say in return to the young people?

We would welcome your messages, please add your comments in the box. We will take these messages of solidarity back to the Palestinian families and display them on the website.


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